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I really want to learn Ielts but don't know where to start? A familiar question is also the general problem that the you first outreach program Ielts are suffering. Whether you are choosing between self-study or studying at a center, then determining a full roadmap the steps required must be thinking right from the start. But if you belong to the audience want to burn phase, then the share in this article is not for you.


You can also call this stage with the name Pre-Ielts. This is the stage that most of you beginners should be in the plan to conquer the Ielts because it built a social platform firm for you to be able to go further after this. Exposure to many topics in many different areas in life that you firmly believe than when expressed on all 4 skills of English. I can advice you is new people should this stage don't think much to the upcoming exams that the focus should be filling the defects on all fronts: vocabulary, specialized terminology, expression, idiom or useful knowledge for writing ....In other words this is the stage you are embellished for the gut, the internal forces inside to prepare the break. But the only problem exist is more you not patient enough to wait, just want to ring in immediately. You thought simply this: you very want to improve the Writing, then at least to know ourselves weak in the face like structure, grammar, search, deployment, idea or style, how a new case with your level, then when the new outlines strategy step by step improve. Time estimated can be within a year (about 3 course of 3 months) but this is also depending on the band score that you are aiming for. In summary, don't feel ‘fast one second, slow a lifetime’ ruin the whole plan, master your Ielts.

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This is the phase of the training Ielts in the true sense of it. You no longer learn much about knowledge anymore, which focuses on analyzing the requirements of an Ielts test practice. In other words, you need to know the way that Examiners will score your exam how corresponding to each skill. It is a fact that many of you when conducting training Ielts, it absorb very well but do post results, it quite the contrary because after all competition is still competition should not have a job, you study well, it will test good. For this reason, during the training, you need to make clear strong points-weak themselves to find ways to overcome it.Very hard to teachers can ensure all you good are 4 skills that change on a trainer with experience will look at the key issues of you and up curriculum effectively to ensure the final result satisfying. Duration for this stage also depends on the band score that you huong to, but the absolute can not be longer than the period of leverage by which you incurred psychological depressed. Two months sprint is ok you.

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You've successfully pass 2 phases, now is your time to get used to a number of exam samples for the duration, layout, how to ask questions or copy answers on the answer sheet as to how to fit. I note you always put yourself as if I'm real exam to familiarize with the intensity and pressure when on the official exam. Each solved a problem, then you should record the number of correct answers (Reading and Listening) and use table lookup online to know the number of points corresponding to the motivation for the next post better. There is no exact time for this period by the more you train, how long it confidence also increased by about that. The minimum you need to pass about 10 sets sample problem is also considered as there are achievements then you.

I wish you practice Ielts it's effective!