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Faq on IELTS

Below is a synthesis of the most frequently asked questions when IELTS of contestants. You read can also read more article : registration process IELTS 
1. I can use what documents do replacement if there is no or lost your id or passport?
Contestants will not be accepted if no id or a valid passport. In some special cases, when the registration exam, candidates can be asked to fill personal information form Verification of Candidate Identify Form (there are 3 parts A,B and C), provide 2 photos 4×6 latest and take the confirmation of the police of The ward where contestants of residence or of the training facility, the agency where the contestant is studying or working. Contestants will have to submit the part B & C of this form for the centre where candidates registered for exams or ielts. Contestants will be required to present part A for officers considered exam on exam day. The test center has the right to refuse the contestant if the contestant's invalid.
2. How to know for sure I registered is the day an official IELTS test?
Contestants will receive a letter confirming the Time and Place of Listening, Reading,Writing immediately after completion of registration exam. If the subscription period by far than the day contest will be notified via email or phone of Time and Place exam before the exam date 1 week. Candidates can schedule exam Speaking exam day Listening, Reading and Writing will receive information before the test date to Say 1 week, if not schedules Said will be notified on the day the Listening, Reading and Writing. In case candidates do not receive a notification, contestant must contact the test center.
3. I can ask relatives registration no?
Contestants can ask relatives to bring the petition has complete information, and have the signature of the contestants to submit and exam fees. However, contestants only are confirmed to have completed the registration procedure exam, when directly to the test centre least 24 hours before the date of the Written exam to be collating photos and papers. Upon arrival, mandatory candidates must bring original identification documents (id or passport).
4. The deadline to register for IELTS test?
The get the registration number for 1 day IELTS test can be conducted based on the number of exams remaining for exam day. Therefore, contestants should register early. In case, exam day is no longer a place will be introduced to the exam date closest possible to the contestants choice.
5. If the contestant selected module General in form registration, it can change to module Academic is not? (Genenal IELTS and Academic IELTS how different)
The choice of module exam is the responsibility of the contestants. The changed module need to be informed at least 3 days before the exam. The center does not guarantee a place for contestants in the case of the enforcement of the new module no longer.
6. There is specified the age of the registered candidates IELTS score?
There is no official rules about age for candidates IELTS. However content the IELTS test is designed not really appropriate for ages under 16.
7. Contestants get a break between the exams Listening, Reading, Writing?
3 skills Listening, Reading and Writing is conducted continuously for 180 minutes there is no intermission (from 9am to 12 hours). Contestants need to go out to solve the problem of sanitation must use the exam time by yourself and only be out with the permission of the officers considered competition.
8. Can I get more table results IELTS not?
Candidates IELTS only receive 1 copy IELTS results (Test Refort Form) only. IELTS certificate is valid for use for a period of two years from the date of the Written exam. In that time, if the contestant can ask for in more results, contestants must come to the center to fill the application form in more by. The center will directly send the Certificate, in additional to institutions, universities, with good reason. Contestants don't keep the results in more this. Contestants are entitled to request additional print 5 panel IELTS score does not take free in by within 1 month after the exam. Candidates have to pay the shipping fee according to the table published price of unit delivery and support free delivery in case the candidates request to transfer the results to the address belonging to the range in water..
9. Can I get IELTS results how?
After the official enforcement date 13 days, candidates can get the results at the central office or check the online score here.However, results online scores are not considered official results.
Contestants want to thanks relatives get change, exam results need to complete the authorization Letter, sign it and return it before the person authorized to receive results. When to get results, the authorized person, bring ID card/passport of his.
Authorization letter can be submitted directly at the office or via email, fax. Entrants bear full responsibility for this authorization and will not be solve the case, no authorization or misplaced results.
10. I participated in 3 skills and remove 1 skill. So can I sign up to retake the 1 skill doesn't?
Candidates required to take the test on all 4 skills. In case want to retake the exam, candidates must register to test all 4 skills.