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Do the benefits of an online IELTS preparation course outweigh the drawbacks? (a model Task 2 answer)



These days, more and more people are choosing to take an online IELTS exam preparation course rather than attend classes at a language school.

Do you think that the benefits of this kind of online IELTS study outweigh the drawbacks?

In recent years, the number of students enrolling on web-based IELTS courses has increased significantly. I think there are a number of reasons for this trend which demonstrate that online study has advantages over the more conventional classroom-based study.

The main advantage of doing an IELTS course online is convenience. Modern life for many people involves working for extended hours and commuting, as well as running a household and family, which means it is often not possible to attend scheduled classes at a school or college. Online courses offer flexibility because you can choose the times that suit you personally so you can fit your study around your life rather than the other way around. It also has the added benefit that because you choose times that suit you, you will be at your most receptive to learning.

Another plus to taking an online IELTS preparation course is value for money. Online IELTS classes tend to be much cheaper than face-to-face courses, especially when you factor in the added transport costs, but this doesn’t mean that they are inferior. A reputable course will prepare you to the same high standard for the exam by teaching you the very same strategies and exam techniques that you would learn from a teacher in a classroom. An officially accredited course will guarantee this.

Despite its increasing popularity, online study is not suitable for all candidates. There will always remain those students who prefer the dynamic of a classroom where they can benefit from interaction with classmates and a teacher. The teacher can talk to students about many valuable life lessons that online modules don’t necessarily have and students can work together in groups and share ideas. Independent online study is also not the best option for students who struggle with self-motivation and who would therefore be better off in a classroom environment where they are supported and encouraged to stay on task and complete assignments.

In conclusion, whilst there are many more pros and cons to virtual learning in general, when it comes to IELTS preparation specifically, where most students are not fulltime but rather trying to incorporate their study into their busy lives, it is my view that an online IELTS preparation course offers important benefits that attending a face-to-face course in a classroom does not.

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