IELTS writing Double question essay

it is predicted that robots are going to become increasingly important in our lives. How could robots be used in the future ? Will this development be a positive or negative development?

In the last 100 years, technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate. Although robots are already a part of our lives, experts predict that they will become even more prevalent in the coming years. This essay will outline some possible uses of robots in the future and explain why this development will be a positive one for humanity.

It is highly likely that robots are going to play a more major role in many fields but two important ones are dangerous jobs and healthcare. Whereas currently, it is humans that are sent to war or to fight fires or explore space, in the future these tasks could be performed by robots. in addition such roles, robots could also become more commonplace in hospitals and aged care facilities. Not only could they be used to perform surgery in remote locations, but, as artificial intelligence advances, they may also be able to interact with and support patients when nurses or carers are in limited supply. indeed such developments are already underway.

Clearly, these advancements in robotics and AI will have a positive impact on society. By outsourcing hazardous tasks, human workers will be less prone to injury or death. If robots are able to extinguish fires or disarm bombs efficiently, society too will be safer. in the health sector even though some may worry that robots lack the empathy and understanding of human worker, the fact is that demand for healthcare workers exceeds supply in many places, which means there is a dire need for extra help. This demand could well be met by robots with artificial intelligence in the decades to come.

in conclusion, the potential of robotics is unimaginable. This essay discussed just a few areas in which this technology could benefit us. While some caution is needed, ultimately, robots may enhance our lives beyond expectations.