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SECTION 1            Questions 1-5



1                                          What does her briefcase look like?





Questions 6-10

complete the form Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Name:                                        Mary (6) 

Address:                                  Flat 2
(8) Road Canterbury
Telephone:                                                (9)
Estimated value of lost item:                     (10) £


Questions 11-13

Tick the THREE other items which are mentioned in the news headlines.


Questions 14-21 

Complete the notes below by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in the spaces provided

The Government plans to give (14) $    to assist the farmers. This money was to be spent on improving Sydney's 

(15)   but has now been re-allocated. Australia has experienced its worst drought in the fifty years.
Farmers say that money will not help them because it is
(16)    .

An airplane which was carrying group of
(17)   was forced to land just
(18)    minutes after take-off.
The passengers were rescued by
(19)    . The operation was helped because of good weather. The passengers thanked the
(20)   for saving their lives but unfortunately they lost their
(21)    .


Questions 22-25
Circle the appropriate letter.

22             The orientation meeting 

23                Attendance at lectures is
24         Tutorials take place
25    The lecture's name is
Questions 26-31

Complete the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Tutorial paper:
A piece of work on a given topic. Students must:
(26) ....... for 25 minutes

(27) ....... 
give to lecturer for marking

Essay topic:
Usually (28)

Type of exam:

Important books are in (30)......

Focus of course:
Focus on (31)......
SECTION 4 Questions 32-41
Questions 32-33

Circle the appropriate letter.
32 The speaker works within the Faculty of
33 The Faculty consists firstly of
Questions 34-36
Complete the notes m NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

The subjects taken in the first semester in
this course are psychology, sociology,
(34) .
Students may have problems with
(35) .... . and
(36) .
Questions 37-41

Circle the appropriate letter.

37     The speaker says students can visit her
38      According to the speaker, a tutorial
39      When writing essays, the speaker advises the students to
40     The speaker thinks that plagiarism is
41    The speaker’s aims are to

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